Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Municipal Report Card

2009-04-07 10:01:21

Report cards come out today, and the best grade is going to the second smallest municipality in the province.  The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies carried out a survey and is releasing the information today.  A Top mark of "B" went to the Town of Lockeport when it comes to spending and services in Nova Scotia.  The Shelburne county seaside community was one of four in our area to make the top ten.  Shelburne Town ranked fifth with a "B-minus".  Bridgewater was seventh and Lunenburg District eighth - also with a "B-minus".  The next south shore community on the list was Lunenburg town at 19 with a "C-plus".  Region of Queens was 21st, Shelburne District 23rd and Barrington 25th - all at "C-plus".  Chester got a grade of "C" coming in at 37.  There are 55 municipalities in Nova Scotia but seven were not given a ranking because of missing information those included Clarkes Harbour and Mahone Bay.  The findings were collected and compiled over two years and looked at governance, police and fire service, taxation and recreation facilities.
View the entire report at http://www.aims.ca/library/MPRNovaScotia.pdf.