Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New LCLC Sign to be Erected

It's a sign of movement.. Paul Belliveau, Chair of the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre says they'll be putting up a new sign near the site off York Street this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Belliveau says they see this as the first step to getting to the sod turning which will happen once the land is transferred and they know the exact site where the facility will be going. Belliveau says they have now received a letter from the federal government approving them to start the project , and are now able to share any costs with them.

Bluenose Restoration Funds

The federal government is committing 4.9 million dollars to help with the refit of the Bluenose II. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made the announcement at the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic yesterday afternoon. Harper says the Bluenose II is an important and lasting part of Canada’s proud maritime heritage, and the restoration efforts now underway will ensure that this important cultural icon remains part of the Canadian landscape for years to come.
This phase of the restoration work will replace the wood hull, frames and planking of the ship with improved laminated wood frames and conventional planking materials. The work will generate short-term local construction employment and ensure long-term tourism jobs. Financial support for this project comes from the Government of Canada’s Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. The total estimated cost for the project is over 9.8 million. The province of Nova Scotia is matching the federal contribution. The Bluenose II is currently being restored by the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance. The refit is expected to be finished in March 2012.

Glass Half Empty; Union Rally's Against Farmers Dairy

Locked out CEP workers want to send a message to Farmers Dairy Cooperative and they're shouting it in the streets.

The local employees rallied with fellow union members in downtown Halifax today in a demonstration five-hundred people strong.

Union workers are asking for secure pensions, improved training and regular hours without forced labour.

Local strike captain, Frank Davis says they've added a plea for 'anti-scab legislation' to their growing list of concerns.

Farmers Dairy says the non-unionized workers they now employ are well qualified and trained

Davis disagrees. He says they pose a threat to public safety.

“No way they are qualified to do our jobs. It takes two years to just learn certain machines in there. You can't just have a scab worker come in to make milk,” says Davis.

Men have been off the job and on the picket line since July 10th.

Farmers Dairy could not be reached for further comment at this time.

Youths Arrested in Lunenburg Street Fighting

The Mounties have made a number of arrests after street fighting in Lunenburg between two groups of youths sent one young person to hospital.

The R-C-M-P responded to a call at around 10:20 last night reporting that about 15 youths were fighting on Faulkland Street.

When they arrived, the Mounties found six youths in the area and a severely damaged vehicle in the middle of the street.

Staff Sergeant, Bruce Hill says one male sustained non life-threatening injuries and walked to hospital for care.

Hill says some of the individuals involved will be charged as adults.

The R-C-M-P expect to make more arrests as a result of the disturbance in Lunenburg.