Friday, September 18, 2009

A first for both the province and a newbie south shore MLA. Pam Birdsall rose in the House of Assembly as the first government member to respond to the Speech from the Throne. Birdsall moved that the first NDP Government Speech from the Throne be accepted as read by the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, the Honourable Mayann Francis. She calls it an honour adding it is a special day for her as a new MLA and for the first NDP Government in Nova Scotia. The House of Assembly re-convened yesterday for the 61st sitting.

NDP Throne Speech

Government's plan for a better life for Nova Scotians and their families was outlined today, Sept. 17, in the speech from the throne, which focused on keeping the promises made to Nova Scotians.
"Nova Scotians have put their trust and faith in me and my government to make their lives better, and over the next fours years, I will work everyday to make that happen," said Premier Darrell Dexter. "Taking the provincial portion of the HST off basic home electricity, stimulating the economy with the new home construction rebate, and living within our means are just a few of the ways we will build a better Nova Scotia together."
The throne speech outlined how making life more affordable for Nova Scotians will be a priority. Government will work to ensure seniors can stay in their homes longer, employment support and income assistance programs are more responsive to individuals, and seniors and other residents no longer have to provide a security deposit when entering a long-term care facility.
Fostering economic growth in Nova Scotia during a global recession has already been top of mind for government. The province will continue to make good use of federal infrastructure funding, encourage investment with an increase in the equity tax credit and develop programs to keep Nova Scotia's best and brightest here to put down roots and build a good life.
Government will also focus efforts on providing better access to health care, improving and modernizing infrastructure, keeping communities safe with effective crime prevention strategies, and supporting lifelong learning for Nova Scotians.
The speech from the throne was delivered by Lt.-Gov. Mayann Francis. It can be viewed in its entirety on the web at .