Thursday, June 4, 2009

Regulation Situation

2009-06-04 06:16:29


An independent retailer says some smaller gas stations in Nova Scotia are still closing in spite of government price regulation that's supposed to save them.    Dave Collins of Wilson Fuels expects that will continue to happen until regulators raise margins so the smaller operators can make more money.    But, he says that would be political suicide.    Collins suggests government get out of regulation and let business address the price issue.    He says governments run a business for headlines while the focus of business is profit.    Collins says the taxes generated can help pay for social programs. (CKBW)

Nurse Practitioner

2009-06-04 06:14:53


Even if the doctor is OUT, the nurse practitioner is IN at the New Germany and Area Medical Center.  Rob Snelling started seeing patients yesterday as part of the District plan to have more health care opportunities in Lunenburg and Queens counties.  There are also nurse practitioners in North Queens, Lunenburg and Chester.  Nurse practitioners are able to diagnose, monitor, and treat many conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, flu, sore throats and ear infections. They can prescribe some medications and can order blood tests, X-rays and scans.   South Shore Health officials say having the position at the New Germany clinic will help in the efforts to recruit family physicians to the area.  The position is being funding by the Department of Health.