Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pavement vs Classrooms

A South Shore School Board member feels the province is putting asphalt ahead of student programming. Gary Mailman says the former government announced 2 million over 3 years for Parkview Education Centre and almost $250-thousand of that is to be used to construct a parking lot. Mailman says Parkview wasn't even identified as a Board priority, and he feels the money should be put into the Skills/Trades program. Mailman says New Germany Elementary and South Queens Junior High were overlooked by the province even though both schools were on the South Shore School Boards priority list.

Mahone Bay Taxes

An increase in the Mahone Bay's residential assessment means a decrease in tax rates. Overall assessments are up more than five percent to almost 107 million. Most homeowners will pay about the same tax bill as last year. Council was able to drop the residential tax rate down to a dollar 18 cents. Commercial rates increased by nine cents to 2.83 to cover the business occupancy tax phase out. Mahone Bay's budget this year is worth 1.96 million dollars.

Privateer Booty

Federal dollars are being made available for Privateer Days. The funding will be announced on Thursday at the Queens County Museum, just as the festival is getting underway. South Shore St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy will be making the presentation on behalf of the Conservative Government.