Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walker: Collaborative Clinic 'Good News' For Area

The addition of a collaborative health-care clinic to Bridgewater is music to the mayor's ears. David Walker says he's glad the province has decided to invest up to $300,000 for an area clinic. He says there's a sense of relief that comes with the announcement because the town has worked towards establishing a clinic over the last few years. Walker says the Bridgewater Development Association deserves credit for their effort.

The clinic is expected to house up to seven doctors. The clinic could be open as early as this summer.

Lunenburg: Essential Funds For Academy & Arena

The Town of Lunenburg will receive just over $30,000 for repairs to Lunenburg Academy. The money will help cover the cost of much needed repair work at the historic landmark and was part of several funding announcements made by South Shore-St. Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy on Tuesday. The local Member of Parliament also delivered nearly $17,000 to help replace the Lunenburg Arena's refrigeration condenser. The Lunenburg Board of Trade Society will see more than $170,000 in joint funding to help develop smart phone apps for a waterfront virtual tour of the town and a public WiFi zone. Keddy also delivered $150,000 in funding today for four projects in the Bridgewater area. Details on those announcements can be found: Bridgewater Projects Receive Funds

BREAKING: Rhindress Resigns As Lumberjacks Coach

Caught in the middle of a 13-game losing skid, Terry Rhindress has resigned as head coach and general manager of the CIBC Wood Gundy Lumberjacks. Rhindress resigned from his duties because of personal and family obligations. The 42-year-old says he misses his wife and nine-year-old daughter in New Brunswick and plans to take some time away from the game. Rhindress guided the team to a 21-63-1-2 through his two years behind the bench. He says a decision was made after a meeting with owner Ken Petrie this morning.

Rhindress says he wants to thank the community for their support and encouragement. Petrie confirmed with CKBW/HANK-FM that Don Dodman and Doug Petrie will remain as coaches for the rest of the season.

Conquerall Bank Church Loses Heritage Designation

The Redeemer Lutheran Church in Conquerall Bank is losing its heritage designation. MODL council voted unanimously to de-register the property following a public hearing Tuesday morning. A member of the Northfield and District parish asked council to approve the motion so they could take the proper steps to try and sell it. Mayor Don Downe says it isn't easy to lose a heritage property.

The Municipality of Lunenburg didn't receive any submissions against de-registering the property. The church has been a fixture in the community since 1863.

Health: Differences Between Norovirus & E.coli

Public health officials urge Nova Scotians to be aware of  the differences between E.coli and similar illnesses. Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Frank Atherton says norovirus infection or vomiting is common this time of year.  The most common symptoms of norovirus infection are sudden onset nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Sometimes there is a low-grade fever, chills, headache, muscle aches and fatigue. Dr. Atherton says that noroviruses have a quick onset and  people usually start to feel better within 12 to 24 hours. Confirmed cases of norovirus have been reported on the South Shore. However, there are no cases of the E. coli 0157 virus in this region. Anyone vomiting or having diarrhea longer than 72 hours, or experiencing bloody diarrhea, should call 811 or see their family doctor.

To avoid spreading norovirus:

-- wash hands often, especially after using the bathroom or changing diapers and before eating or preparing food

-- thoroughly clean floors, counters, and bathrooms. Pay extra attention to surfaces that are often touched

-- do not share glasses or dishes

-- use separate towels for sick family members.

Four Infrastructure Projects Secure Federal Funds

South-Shore St- Margaret's MP Gerald Keddy has announced just over $150,000 in support of four infrastructure projects in Lunenburg County. The biggest chunk, $51,000 will go to the Bridgewater Marina Association for upgrades to Mariner's Landing along with the marina itself. Meanwhile, HB Studio's Sports Centre will receive $48,000 for renovation work and the Saw Pit Wharf Park in Garden Lots will see $26,000 for improvements to the wharf area. In a joint funding arrangement, the Bay to Bay Trail Association will also receive more than $40,000 for upgrades to the trail between Mahone Bay and Lunenbueg. Ottawa will pitch in $26,000 while the provincial government will contribute $17,000 for upgrades to the trail system.