Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wind Energy

The Municipality of Chester in the running to develop a template for large scale wind energy projects. Warden Alan Webber says they've submitted an expression of interest to the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities. The template would be used by the rest of the province with regards to developing such wind energy projects. The province will fund up to 50 thousand dollars to assist with the development of the plan. Webber says the Municipality could know by late next week whether it has been chosen for the wind energy development plan.

Infrastructure Adjacent to Water

Road washouts are becoming more common in the Municipality of Chester. Warden Alan Webber says the water is coming over the roads much more frequently. He says following the last big rain and wind storm some significantly sized rocks washed up into the roadway in Western Shore. Webber says the concerns are being forwarded to the Department of Transportation. Webber suggests consideration be given to place more effective barriers such as rock walls to prevent the smaller rocks and gravel washing away from the shoulders of roads when storm surges take place.

Outdoor Ice Rink Proposed

It's a little late for this season, but Bridgewater Town Council will consider an outdoor ice rink for next winter. Councillor David Mitchell says the initiative was first discussed at council and a resident came forward with a proposal which included 5 thousand dollars in start up money. Such funding will be considered during budget deliberations. Mitchell says it's worth exploring a number of venues which have been suggested including the Exhibition grounds.

Liberal Leader visits the South Shore

Liberal Leader Stephen MacNeil has made his way to the South Shore for a visit. MacNeil says this visit is a way to reach out to different organizations. This morning MacNeil attended meetings in Bridgewater, this afternoon he will be visiting business' in the Shelburne County, then he'll be traveling into Yarmouth for the evening. He says this trip is a way to meet, talk and listen to the people of these communities.


Someone may have been enjoying lobster over the past recent months. RCMP has reported that 300 lbs of lobster was stolen from a holding container next to the wharf in Port Mouton. RCMP say the theft took place between January 4th and 5th. If you have any information you are asked to contact RCMP.

West Dublin Barn Burns

Fire has destroyed a barn in Lunenburg County.

Members of the LaHave Fire Department recieved a call around 2:00 o'clock this morning to a blaze on Massie Road in West Dublin.

The fire destroyed the barn and damaged a car on the property.

Petite Riviere and Pleasantville firefighters were called in to help the LaHave Fire Department.

Conquerall Bank remained on "standby" for Pleasantville, while Italy Cross was on "standby" for Petite Riviere.