Thursday, April 19, 2012

Halifax, Shelburne men face Drug Charges in Queens

Two men have a court date in June after police seized drugs and money from their vehicle. RCMP in Queens County stopped a vehicle Tuesday night on Highway 103 near Liverpool. Officers found 100 grams of marijuana and over $2700 in their search. A 27-year-old man from Halifax and a 27-year-old man from Shelburne were arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. They have since been released and are scheduled to appear in Liverpool Provincial Court June 12th.

MODL to make Funding Decision for Yarmouth Ferry

The Municipality of Lunenburg is contemplating funding towards the Yarmouth ferry. The Nova Scotia International Ferry Partnership has sent a letter to council requesting between $500-$1000 to help the service get re-instated. The Partnership is developing a website asking business leaders to share the financial impact and job losses because of the ferry closure. Councillor Basil Oickle says he thought the group would be asking for more money.
"I'm surprised that its only that much because if that ferry was to be put back there today, I can tell you the spin-off that we would get back with the ferry being here to our residents and what not from that, we wouldn't be long getting our thousand dollars back."
Councillors debated the issue before deciding to send the request to the audit and finance standing committee. The committee will decide what to do and make a recommendation back to council. The website for the business community to explain the ferry's impact is .

South Shore Runner Finishes Boston Marathon

A long distance runner from the South Shore is upbeat after competing and finishing the Boston Marathon. Even though the conditions weren't exactly ideal, Erin Beaudin wanted to give the 42 kilometre marathon a shot. Sweltering heat forced thousands of runners to either withdraw or drop out of the race. However, Beaudin was determined to participate in the marathon regardless of the conditions. "So went without any time expectations, kind of threw the time goal out the window and went out slower than planned. Went through some heat exhaustion at mile sixteen so ended up walk/running it in...I was just happy to finish under those circumstances. It certainly wasn't a best effort but was happy to take in the crowds and spectators along the way," Temperatures in Boston on Monday were hovering around 26 degrees throughout the race. Beaudin lives in Coldbrook and is the CAO of the Municipality of the District of Chester.

South Shore Radiothon Big Success

There's a lot of cheering going on today at the Health Services Foundation of the South Shore. The final total from the Valentine's Day "Gift For the Heart" radiothon on CKBW and Hank-FM is in.
72-thousand and 70 dollars and 76 cents was raised during the 10 hour radiothon. Thats way more than was expected.  The Foundation's Bernadette Jordan says money kept coming in even after the radiothon ended.  This year's final is 21-thousand dollars more than what was raised last year. The money will go toward the purchase of a new Echo cardiac monitor.

Bridgewater Councillor Upset over Rising Education Costs

Its an increase at least one Bridgewater councillor isn't happy with. David Mitchell says he can't understand why the town is contributing $112,000 more than last year towards education in the province. The town's overall contribution is just over $1.7-million. He says it doesn't add up with so many cuts coming to the education system. Mitchell says he wants the government to be more transparent.
"I'd like to know where our money is going. If they want $1.7-million from the town of Bridgewater to go towards education, that's fine. Is 100% of that money going to education or is it going to fund other programs like lunch bags for children?"
Mitchell found out about the increased funding during an information session with council earlier this week.