Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Exhibit

An Exhibit on Canadian Engagement in Afghanistan will be on display at the South Shore Exhibition this week. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the Afghanistan360 exhibit featuring stories from the field and short video segments on the training and development projects that Canada supports in Afghanistan. You will also be able to record 15-second video messages to our civilians and soldiers serving in Afghanistan. The exhibit offers Canadians the opportunity to learn about progress in the six focused areas in which Canada is providing assistance in Afghanistan. It also showcases Canada's three signature projects in Afghanistan.

Rudy Retires (a bit)

It's the end of an era for a Visionary Environmentalist. Tonight will see Martin Rudy Haase stepping down as Executive Secretary of the Friends of Nature Conservation Society - a group he founded in Maine in 1954. Haase emigrated to Nova Scotia, forming a Canadian Chapter in 1967. Federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be at Monday night's meeting. Rudy will be Sheldon's special guest this weekend on South Shore Sunday Morning.

Tucker's Tripdate

It's been almost seven weeks on bicycle crossing Canada to raise awareness for Amnesty International for a South Shore father and son. After 22 biking days in Ontario, Bob and Tucker Mertens are now in Winnipeg. Tucker tells CKBW he's pleased with the amount of money they've raised so far - $2,000. The father and son are trying to make it to BC before the start of the school year travelling a hundred kilometers a day. They've been updating their adventure on the website www.tuckersbike.blogspot.com . You can hear an update about the trip from Tucker on this weekend's South Shore Sunday Morning.