Friday, July 19, 2013

Local Fire Fighter To Battle Quebec Fires

A Lunenburg County man is one of 21 wildfire fighters from the province being sent to Quebec to help battle several forest fires. Corey Conrad with the Department of Natural Resources will fly out to Quebec on Saturday. He's the lone official from the South Shore making the trip. The province is responding to Quebec's request for help just as other jurisdictions have helped Nova Scotia fight wildfires in the past. The firefighting crew will be battling one or several fires over a 14-day assignment period.

Weekend: Bayswater Beach WILL Re-Open

Bayswater Beach will re-open after a swimming ban was imposed due to high levels of bacteria in the water. The Department of Health and Wellness issued the original closure notice Wednesday.

Chester: CAO Preparing Options For Former School

The keys to Gold River-Western Shore Elementary School will fall into the hands of the Municipality of Chester today. School board officials will revert the building back into the municipality's possession following the closure earlier this spring. The municipality is in the process of getting the school appraised and the CAO expects to deliver a list of options to council in early August. Warden Allen Webber reserved his opinion on the matter until he gets more details.

Webber expects the options will include demolition, selling the property or keep it for municipal use. A major obstacle with the school is the roof, which is slated to cost $110,000 to replace.

Zach In A Box Fund Raiser Set To Go

The Liberal MLA for Yarmouth feels he's reaching for new heights in raising money for a charitable organization. Zach Churchill will climb into a bucket at the end of a construction crane in the Yarmouth Mall parking lot over the supper hour today to begin raising money for the Yarmouth High School's Memorial Club. He will stay there for 24 hours except for brief breaks along the way. Churchill says he couldn't resist the challenge.

Money raised this weekend by the "Zach In A Box" campaign will go to the Memorial Club and its programs to help veterans and seniors in the community.

Investigators Probe Fatal Shooting In Wedgeport

Investigators remain at the scene of a fatal shooting in Wedgeport. RCMP in Yarmouth say they will continue to investigate the matter but don't expect to lay charges. A 47 year-old man was found dead early Thursday morning on Corporon Road. An autopsy on the victim's body is being conducted today in Halifax. In a media release, police say a 46-year-old man was also injured but they aren't releasing how the incident unfolded. A 49-year-old female also connected to the shooting was not hurt. More details on the shooting are expected to be released early next week.

Gas Prices Climb Almost Four Cents

As expected, Nova Scotia gas prices took a hike overnight. Here on the South Shore, the price for a litre of regular self-serve is now $1.40.4.  Thats an increase of almost 4 cents from yesterday.  High test is up by a similar amount.  However, diesel remains steady, no increase.  Its selling for $1.34.4 per litre.

Yarmouth Seafest Celebrates Life By The Sea

A salute to the area fishing industry and the town of Yarmouth is underway! This is the 35th year for Seafest.
Yarmouth mayor Pam Mood says the event has grown into a major tourist attraction and money maker for the town. She says there's good reason for it!

Among the scores of events are dorey races, a walking tour of the town looking at the area's history, scallop & oyster shucking, double rope splicing & rope coiling, lobster shucking and banding, haddock filleting, lobster pot building, net knitting and knitting bait bags. Seafest in Yarmouth runs until July 27th with activities scheduled at numerous venues across the town.