Monday, July 12, 2010

Car Hits Liverpool Bank

Queens RCMP are continuing their investigation into a motor vehicle mishap in which a car drove into the Scotiabank in Liverpool.

The incident occured Friday afternoon when a vehicle with two elderly occpants suddenly accelerated along Market Street and crashed into the ScotiaBank.

Before the car crashed into the building, it had already struck the Queens County By-Law Patrol Vehicle from behind and pushed it off the road.

The two occupants in the Patrol Vehicle, as well as the two elderly occupants of the car, were taken to the Queens General Hospital.

The Mounties report that all four people sustained "light to moderate injuries" and are expected to recover.

The Liverpool Scotiabank sustained extensive damage to its storefront.

The Queens R-c-M-P continue to look into the cause of the crash.

Two Men in Court for Alleged Robbery and Violence

Two men will appear in Bridgewater court Monday morning to face a number of charges.

On Thursday, July 8th, 2010, Bridgewater Police recieved a complaint of a robbery with violence on Victoria Road.

R-C-M-P arrested two men and held them overnight while the investigation continued.

On Friday, the two men were charged with numerous offences, including "robbery" and "assault causing bodily harm".