Monday, April 7, 2014

Top Ten Finishes For Chester Curling Teams In B.C.

No medals for a pair of South Shore curling teams at an international curling tournament. Adam Cocks' team lost in the bronze medal game to Washington at the Optimist under-18 curling event in British Columbia. Meanwhile, Cassie Cocks' team finished in ninth place with a win over Michigan. Both South Shore teams were representing the Chester curling club.

Legislation Eliminates Efficiency Tax, Lower Power Bills

Nova Scotians will get a break on their power bills starting in 2015. Legislation has been introduced which will remove the energy efficiency tax from electricity bills. Energy Minister Andrew Younger says the legislation improves how energy efficiency programs are delivered and introduces  competition for Nova Scotia Power. He says the amendments should be a big help to keep power bills down. The province's energy efficiency plan was also introduced and sets objectives that will save energy, lower costs and  reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The change could mean a savings of roughly $180 per year for homeowners.

Bridgewater: Civic Numbers By-Law Nearly Complete

Bridgewater residents could soon be tasked with making sure their homes are clearly identified. The town is close to revealing its civic numbering by-law. The main issues revolve around enforcement, penalties and reflective lighting. Mayor David Walker says they're all important points.

Councillor Wayne Thorburne wants to see the by-law in place to help first responders locate homes quickly in an emergency. The town still has to agree to the document before further public meetings will be held. It's expected to be in front of council this month.

Nothing In Provincial Budget For South Shore Job Seekers: NDP Leader

Members of the Legislature get back to work in the House later today after last Thursday night's marathon session which led to passage of essential workers legislation. The 3-week budget debate begins tonight. The McNeil government unveiled the coming year's financial projections last Thursday. However, according to NDP interim leader Maureen MacDonald, it doesn't explain how the government plans to tackle the economic problems along the South Shore.
She says there's nothing in the budget to encourage people, who have lost their jobs, to stay in the area.

MacDonald accuses the government of padding last year's NDP budget with all kinds of unnecessary spending this year, taking the province from a $16-million surplus to a $279-million deficit.

MODL: Northfield Fire Department Requests Access Road

A local fire department is requesting an access road in Cookville. The Northfield District Fire Rescue is appealing to the Municipality of Lunenburg for a road to a pond off of the Pine Grove Road. The fire department is looking for secondary water, other than hydrants. CAO Tammy Wilson says officials are thinking about safety.

A committee will determine if there is an opportunity for emergency vehicle access to the pond.

South Shore Road Among Worst In Atlantic Canada

Is that pot-hole-riddled road in your area the worst in the region? The Canadian Automobile Association is trying to determine that, through its 4th annual "Worst Roads" campaign. The New Elm Road in Lunenburg County is in the Top-10 this season and the CAA's Gary Howard says its in really bad shape!

The campaign runs until April 25th after which all votes will be tallied and the worst road crowned the winner. You can vote for the nasty road in your area at ..

Here is the Top 10 list of bad roads as of last week:
1. Highway 630, Andersonville, NB
2. Hanwell Rd, Fredericton, NB
3. Highway 360, Milltown, NL.
4. Leslie Rd, East Lawrencetown, NS
5. Old Route 630, Saint Croix, NB
6. Highway 360, Bishop's Falls, NL
7. Church Rd, Gambo, NL
8. Kempt Head Rd, Ross Ferry, NS
9. New Elm Rd, Lunenburg County, NS
10. A. Morrison Rd, Sydney, NS
      B. Highway 616, Keswick Ridge, NB