Tuesday, January 3, 2012

B & E in Western Shore

It wasn't the best end to the year for a home owner in Western Shore. A home in the area was targeted in a break and enter that ocurred on Friday morning just before the New Year's long weekend. Mounties say various electronics, some musical instraments and a quantity of coins were stolen. Police are hoping someone comes forward with some tips to help with the investigation.

White Point unveils Construction Webcam

White Point Construction Camera at 12:51pm January 3, 2012

A tourist hot spot in Liverpool is giving you a chance to watch them rebuild their historic main lodge. White Point has unveiled a construction webcam that was requested by the public after a devastating fire November 12. The marketing and product development manager at White Point, Donna Hatt, says they didn't anticipate the webcam being available so quickly.
"We were nervous in going live at first with the construction camera purely because people had been grieving the loss of the main lodge and the memories and so many of the pieces and artifacts that were inside, and to show the site completely cleared was quite an emotional time for many people."
Hatt says the webcam will provide a day-to-day view of the construction process over the next 10 months.
The webcam went live December 31. You can visit the construction webcam at www.novascotiawebcams.com/south-shore/white-point-construction.html .

New Year's Baby: Healthy Girl Born in Bridgewater

A Bridgewater couple is ringing in the New Year with a little bundle of joy. Melissa and Steve Bishop are the proud parents of the South Shore's first new born of 2012. Lucy Maria Bishop was born at 9:09AM on New Year's Day at the South Shore Regional Hospital in Bridgewater. Lucy weighed-in at six pounds, twelve ounces. Her father, Steve, says they have a very healthy little girl and adds mom is doing just fine and resting at home.

Dexter: On Track to Eliminate Deficit

Nova Scotia is on track for better economic times within a year or two. That prediction from premier Darrell Dexter as he talked about the economy during a year-end interview with CKBW/Hank FM News. The premier says his government will work this year to make the province more economically competitive despite dismal uncertainty elsewhere. "Every economic forecast says that we are on track to lead Atlantic Canada and likely to lead some parts of the rest of the country in terms of economic growth and that will be the first time that's happened in 20 years," The premier says any help for the middle class will have to wait until the province balances its books on a projected 365 million dollar deficit. The premier tells us the government is still on track for 2014.

McNeil: Premier Should Check Facts

Liberal leader Stephen McNeil disagrees with the premier's "better times are ahead" forecast. In his year-end interview with CKBW/HANK FM, McNeil says Darrell Dexter should check the facts. "We have some of the highest taxes in the country, high power rates and the list goes on - it's going to make it more difficult to maintain employment and we're haring that in practically ever community we go through in Nova Scotia. I mean we lost 6,600 jobs last year and the trend looks like it's going to continue," McNeil reiterates his call for reducing taxes and power costs to make the province more competitive.

Ballie: Focus on Health Care/Education

A way has to be found to heal the ailing health care system, according to Conservative leader Jamie Baillie. In a CKBW/Hank FM News interview, Baillie says one task that should be undertaken in this new year is to look at cutting ballooning bureaucratic budgets and putting that money into better things."Do we really need in a province of 900,000 a health system that has ten district health authorities, ten CEO's, 72 vice presidents, 152 executives directors and so on...maybe there is a better way to manage health care to get some of that cost out of the bureaucracy and reinvest in front line care and even reduce our deficit," On another issue of 2011, Baillie says firing the entire South Shore Regional School Board was a drastic measure taken by the education minister to solve what appears to have been a chronic problem. He says it should have been left up to the electorate to decide when the next municipal election rolled around.