Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pre-Budget Breakfast

2009-04-23 11:13:55

It's a chance to hear more about what could be the budget that launches us into the next Provincial Election.  Finance Minister Jamie Muir will deliver the third in a series of pre-budget addresses across the province tomorrow on the south shore.  Muir will be speaking to the Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce tomorrow morning as part of a breakfast meeting.  The event is being held at the Days Inn on North Street.  Opposition parties have been critical of the MacDonald government's piecemeal release of financial details over the past month. They want to see the budget document introduced and debated in the Legislature, not in the public through the media.  Either the Liberals or New Democrats will have to support the budget to keep the minority government from falling to a non-confidence vote.

Wild Ride

2009-04-23 09:54:23

It was a police dog that finally netted an alleged drunk driver who smashed into three cars and a building in Bridgewater.  Police say they got a call about a hit and run around nine last night. A vehicle was struck on LaHave street. They say a grey-coloured Cavalier that was involved drove off when an off-duty RCMP officer approached.  The constable followed in his personal vehicle.  Police say the Cavalier was involved in another accident, hitting a Honda Accord on Aberdeen Road.  The car kept on going, heading south on Hirtle Drive and eventually hitting a house on Hollingsworth Drive and damaging a parked car in the lot of Eastside Manor Rest Home.  The Cavalier went off the road on Stretch Drive and the driver jumped out and ran off.  A police services dog was brought in and tracked the suspect to his home where he was arrested. He had to be taken to South Shore Regional Hospital for treatment of minor injuries police say were not the result of his arrest.  The man is facing charges of drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, damage to property and dangerous operation of a vehicle.  He has a court date set for June 24th in Bridgewater.  And Bridgewater police are asking to hear from anyone who witnessed any part of the string of events that happened last night.

Brothers Sentenced

2009-04-23 06:16:20

Two Chester brothers caught in a drug bust by the South Shore Integrated Street Crime Unit have been sentenced in Bridgewater Provincial Court. The search of a Commons Road residence last October netted almost 15 pounds of processed marijuana.  Forty-one year old Paul Onald Graves pleaded guilty to charges of producing marijuana and processing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. He was placed on a 12 month conditional sentence, the first 6 months to be served on house arrest. That will be followed by a year on probation.  Graves was also ordered to undergo substance abuse counseling, submit a DNA sample, is prohibited from having firearms for 10 years and is restricted to having only one person in his residence at any given time except for family members.   His younger brother, 33 year old David Scott Graves pleaded guilty to an included offence of simple possession while the Crown withdrew a charge of production.  Police seized 6,878 grams of marijuana during the search last October 15th. 

South Queens High

2009-04-23 06:14:52

It was listed as a top priority on the capital projects list by the South Shore Regional School Board, but the province nixed a new school to replace the South Queens Junior High.  Board Chair Elliott Payzant says members are quite disappointed in the province's allocation of funding for school projects.  The Board approved a motion to request a meeting with Education Minister Judy Streatch to express their disappointment  and concerns and determine the future direction.

Art Exhibit

2009-04-23 06:13:57

Students from African Canadian Studies at Bridgewater Junior Senior/High School are hosting a freedom quilt art exhibition today (April 22th) as part of provincial Education Week.   The class will display paper replicas of freedom quilts they designed with help from local artist Rebecca Fisk.    Fisk says the students are discovering their artistic potential. She says they're mixing textures and colours and  coming up with beautiful designs.        Bridgewater Junior/Senior High received an ArtSmarts grant, through the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and funded by the Office of African Nova Scotian Affairs.