Wednesday, November 10, 2010

UPDATED ROAD CLOSURES (7pm, Wednesday,November 10th)

Due to the significant rainfall experienced in Queens County, extreme high water conditions and flooding is being experienced in many areas throughout the County; particularly along the Medway River system. The public is advised to monitor water levels very closely over the next several days.

- Medway River Road from Charleston to Bangs Falls.
- Mill Village East Rd from Hillside Drive to Medway River Road.
- Westfield Road closed at both bridge locations.
- Old Westfield Road partially closed from Hwy 208 to Westfield Road.
- Rosette Road closed between Harlow Road and Moose Pit Road.
- Chapel Hill Drive at bridge near the boat launch in Greenfield.
- Medway River Road at Exit 17-A, from car pool parking lot to Flat Iron Road
- Clarence Hirtle Road, Charleston

- Veinot Road, between Trunk 10 and Lower Brand Road
- Haines Road, Barss Corner
- Lower Branch Road, from Osbourne Road to Trunk 10
- Chester Grant Road, closed at bridge
- East Clifford Road, closed in centre section, with entire road for use by local traffic only
- McKeen Road
- Lapland Road
- Woodstock Road
- Trunk 3, from Exit 7 Connector Road to Route 329 in East River

- Upper Clyde Road West
- Upper Clyde Road East  (Local traffic only at the Hemlock Branch Bridge)
- Back Lake Road
- Bowers Road
- Welshtown Road