Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Darksiders' expand to Bridgewater

Bridgewater's police chief is calling for calm despite the fact a Dartmouth-based biker gang with ties to the Hells Angels have expanded to the South Shore. John Collyer says the biker-group - known as the Darksiders - are currently renting a space on King Street in Bridgewater but adds they haven't done anything wrong to cause alarm. However, Collyer says police will keep an eye on the situation "To this point they haven't created any kind of criminal activity here and they haven't caused any problems. We treat them like we treat any other citizen of Bridgewater and we will continue to monitor the situation,"  Police were made aware of the gangs intentions to move into Bridgewater for about three months because the group has local members. Collyer says police are working with RCMP in Halifax and Dartmouth to gather information about the biker group.