Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Delays For Bluenose II

Another delay in the comeback of Bluenose Two! The famous schooner was set to head out into Lunenburg Harbour this morning for pre-sea trials to check the engine, steering and anchor. However, the trip has been put off. According to the Deputy Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage, the delay seems to involve a misunderstanding. Kelliann Dean tells us, verbal approval from Transport Canada for the trip turned out to be not good enough. Actual paper work was needed which the department hasn't received yet from the insurer, the American Bureau of Shipping.

Meanwhile, PC Opposition Leader Jamie Baillie says the issue surrounding Bluenose Two has become a joke and smacks of mis-management.

A new date for the pre-trial hasn't been set. Bluenose Two has undergone an extensive rebuild costing in excess of 16-million dollars and still hasn't returned to service as the province's sailing ambassador.