Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lobster Panel Proposes Levy On Catches

A levy on lobster catches in the Maritimes is at the core of dozens of recommendations proposed by a three member panel examining the challenges in the industry. The panel was set up to look into low prices for lobsters. Last spring, lobsters sold for $3.00 per pound in some parts of the Maritimes. The panel is recommending a one cent per pound levy to be paid by fishermen in addition to a one cent per pound levy paid by buyers. The money would help fund a new lobster market intelligence institute and develop a comprehensive marketing campaign. Fisheries Minister Keith Colwell says government will play a big role in implementing the recommendations. The lobster panel also recommends options for a formal system where the industry would know the price paid harvesters before landings. Lobster in Atlantic Canada is a billion dollar industry with 90% of Canadian lobster landed in the Maritimes.