Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aberdeen Road property owner fires back at Town

The building owner at 99 Aberdeen Road is disgusted with the lack of police presence in Bridgewater. Frank Rhyno says his building has been broken into at least 40 times, there's been thousands of dollars in smashed windows but not one criminal conviction. He says the days of him pumping more money into the property are done.
"I pay a lot of taxes and what do I get in return for that; vandalism, break and enter. What do I get for convictions and restitution; nothing."
He says he's fed up with people smashing windows and not facing criminal punishment.

"You get tired of this after a while. This is not the first time with Bridgewater's police and their negligence as far as I'm concerned. Why the mayor and the councillors want to dig at me on this, I don't know, but I think they need to clean up their own departments first before getting on my back."
Rhyno says he does care about the building, but is tired of spending thousands of dollars on windows that continually get smashed. He says town council should leave the matter alone for now, because they're hurting the potential sale of the property.