Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Icy Roads As Temperature Drops

If you are driving this morning, you'll want to take it easy! Temperatures are falling after reaching 8 degrees at one point during the night. With the dropping temperatures, the roads are becoming slippery with reports of black ice. There are snow squalls along Highway 103 between Barrington and Yarmouth making visibility there poor by times. Crews are out salting and sanding along all South Shore highways this morning but do ... slow down! Meanwhile, what a mess in HRM this morning! Traffic is at an almost standstill as drivers deal with roads that have turned into skating rinks because of the falling temperature. All the major routes into the city are backed up several kilometers. The bridges are packed and very little is moving. Crews are trying to get the streets salted down but its difficult with all those cars in the way. If you are heading into the city this morning, be advised its going to be a slow trip once you get to Bayers Lake.