Sunday, September 1, 2013

Our Health Centre: Minister, Warden Pleased With Funding

The Minister of Community Services says 'Our Health Centre' will be key in providing access to care to Chester residents. The province announced $500,000 recently for the innovative centre, which will house a number of services including six family doctors' offices with connecting exam rooms, offices for mental health and addiction, a diabetic clinic and blood collection. The proposed 12,500 square foot complex will be located in Shoreham Village. Denise Peterson-Rafuse says the community-driven centre will benefit the area.

Meanwhile, the investment from the province is getting a nod of approval from the municipality's warden. Allen Webber says he's happy to hear the news.

The group behind 'Our Health Centre' is still fundraising towards the health facility. The goal is have it up and running in the next few years.