Monday, December 5, 2011

Resolute: NS Gov' Support is Final Piece of Complex Puzzle

A spokesperson for Resolute Forest Products says a five-year $50 million dollar support package from the province is enough to keep the paper mill in Brooklyn running. Pierre Choquette confirmed the deal was the final piece of a complex puzzle to help the company reduce costs at the Bowater Mersey paper mill. Choquette says half of the money will allow the company conduct a complete overhaul at the mill to upgrade machinery and make the plant more energy efficient. "It's about being more competitive and to do that we need to better our equipment, invest in upgraded equipment and it will help us remain competitive and lower our costs," Coquette says the company will also explore exporting its newsprint to growing markets like Latin American. The package announced Friday in Liverpool includes the province spending more than 23-million dollars to buy more than 10-thousand hectares of woodland from the company. The land purchase will be complete by March 31st.