Monday, December 5, 2011

Mahone Bay eatery hopes for Liquor License

A popular restaurant in Mahone Bay is hoping a decision from the province's utility and review board falls in their favor. Zwicker's Inlet Restaurant and Cafe has been operating without a liquor license since July mainly because of a dispute with the eatery's former owner's.  The matter has been before the URB for three months because the restaurant's previous operators have yet to sign over the license. Manager Neven Luck says if the ruling doesn't go their way - he'll be forced to make some tough decisions. "We are struggling and it's not a fun situation heading into the holiday season without having a liquor license, so we're trying to compensate by offering reduced prices to bring them in and remind them that we are here...we do hope the URB will cancel the present license that's in place for this premises and once that happens our license will be approved," Luck says the restaurant employs around 14 people and has been operating in the same location since 1989.  The Utility and Review Board has scheduled a show cause hearing on the matter for December 12th.