Friday, May 30, 2014

Home Construction Site Thefts/Vandalism On the Rise

Its that time of year when home construction sites across the region are being increasingly targetted by thieves. The RCMP have been receiving more reports of thefts and vandalism at many of those sites.
Corporal Scott MacRae says anyone who sees something suspicious should report it to the RCMP right away.

MacRae says construction companies should also report if they've been victims of thieves. Reports can be called-in to your local police, RCMP detachment or Crimestoppers.

From the RCMP ... some things to look for:
- Suspicious people and vehicles who may be around at odd times.
- Large box style tricks pulling up after normal business hours could be considered suspicious.
- Thieves often steal fixtures, construction material, or tools. These may be later sold online.

- Brand new appliances sold online or through other means, without proof of purchase or warranty