Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bridgewater First With Pro-Active Approach To Protecting Dogs From Heat

A South Shore community is the first in the province to take action to prevent our four legged friends from being trapped in locked-up, hot vehicles and suffocating. The Town of Bridgewater, its police service and the volunteer group "Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia" have teamed up to educate the public on the dangers facing dogs if left in hot cars. Group member Angela Robar says its becoming a serious, summertime issue. She says pet owners need to be taught the danger involved.

Robar suggests you leave your dog home where its cooler on a hot day! With town and police support, a special event is planned for this Saturday. Members of the group will be handing out educational material, doing public demonstrations, answering questions and selling life meters which measure temperatures inside cars. It will take place at the PetValu store in the Eastside Plaza from 12 noon to 3pm.