Thursday, April 3, 2014

NS Budget: More Money For Health & Education

The Liberal government has delivered its first budget since taking office. Finance Minister Diana Whalen unveiled its details when she rose in the Nova Scotia legislature earlier this afternoon. The fiscal blueprint includes $9.6 billion in revenues, $9.9 billion in total spending, and a $279 million deficit. Some other highlights include, $19 million more for public schools, class sizes will be capped from primary to Grade 3 along with more support for math and literacy programs. In health, there is nearly $200 million more in the budget to support home care, improve access to cancer drugs and cut down wait time for hip and knee surgeries. Meanwhile, the efficiency fee will come off all power bills on January 1st resulting in energy savings for all Nova Scotians. As expected, the HST remains unchanged at 15%. Nova Scotia's net debt sits at a whopping $14.6 billion.