Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Distracted Driving More Concerning To Canadians Than DUI

RCMP and town police forces across the province are banding together to promote undistracted driving. Driving a vehicle while distracted is now the number-one road safety concern in Canada, even more so than drunk driving! Cell phones, lap tops, GPS and other electronic gadgets have found their way into cars and trucks. RCMP Corporal Scott MacRae says it doesn't take much for a driver to lose control.

However, Bridgewater Police Chief John Collyer says its not just electronic items that can distract drivers.

If you're caught texting, using a phone or other devices while driving, you could be fined close to $200.
Bridgewater Police and the RCMP are focussing attention on the issue this month and randomly stopping vehicles as part of their education campaign.