Friday, March 28, 2014

Province, Roué Family Reach Bluenose II Settlement

A settlement has been reached between the province and the Roué family over copyright and moral rights claims in the restoration of the Bluenose II. Terms were reached today. The agreement includes the province paying the Roué family $300,000, which includes legal fees. The family will release the province, the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance, Lengkeek Vessel Engineering and MHPM from any and all claims relating to the project or future activities relating to the Bluenose II. The dispute arose from allegations the province used William J. Roué's drawings in the Bluenose II restoration project. Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Tony Ince says he is pleased a settlement has been reached, and says it is clear the Bluenose II and its legacy belong to the people of Nova Scotia and William J. Roué has played an important part as the original designer of Bluenose. The schooner is in the final stages of the restoration process and is expected to sail this summer.