Monday, March 17, 2014

Plan In Motion To Raise Cape Rouge

A plan is in place to raise an old fishing trawler in Bridgewater. Several pylons will be placed between the dock and the ship over the next few days for stabilization. Divers with RMI Marine Ltd. will then seal up the ship, making it water-tight before the vessel will start being pumped out of the water. Senior response officer with the Canadian Coast Guard, Keith Laidlaw, expects to see some movement on the weekend. He says it's a lengthy process.

Laidlaw says they are being calculated and careful during this step. Over 5,000 litres of fuel was taken out of the ship while over 700 kilograms of absorbent pads soaked in oil were gathered from water surrounding the vessel. The Cape Rouge began sinking at the Port of Bridgewater on March 10.