Thursday, March 20, 2014

Court: Jury Will Decide MacKean's Fate

The sexual assault trial involving a Halifax man is entering it's final stages. Both sides in the case presented their closing arguments Thursday afternoon during the Nova Scotia Supreme Court trial in Bridgewater. John Leonard MacKean is facing two charges including sexual assault and a prostitution related offence. MacKean denies the boy was chained up when he visited the cabin on September 20, 2012. MacKean also testified he would have helped the 16-year-old if he knew the boy was being held against his will. However, the 64-year-old admitted to touching the teenagers genitals while he was at the cabin in Upper Chelsea. MacKean stated he went to the cabin to get a massage from Wayne Cunningham. The Crown has submitted DNA evidence that matches MacKean. Prosecutor Lloyd Tancock says evidence shows the sexual meeting was pre-planned. The defence argues the case comes down to credibility and whether the teenage victim was telling the truth while under oath due to varying versions of his story. The jury will begin its deliberations after getting instructions from the judge Friday morning.