Friday, March 7, 2014

Emera/NS Power Execs Hauling In Big Bucks

As power rates continue to soar in Nova Scotia, the top brass at Emera, the parent company of Nova Scotia Power, have again rewarded themselves with huge bonuses on top of their salaries. For instance, in 2013, Emera President and CEO Chris Huskilson took home 54 percent more in salary, bonuses, pension payments and other compensation. The final total ... 4.7 million dollars. The Atlantic director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Kevin Lacey says its time the provincial government gave serious consideration to opening up the power market, stripping Nova Scotia Power of its monopoly.

Another high earner at Emera last year was Executive Vice-President Rob Bennett who took home 1.7-million. The figures are contained in documents that have just been released by the company.