Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Local Veteran Speaks Out Against Office Closures

The federal government has closed 8 veterans affairs district offices across the country, the nearest one in Sydney! More are likely to follow according to a South Shore veteran. Roger Purnell of Bridgewater says the district offices are life-lines for veterans and he says the feds are beating up veterans for the sake of saving a few bucks. However, he says veterans and their supporters are not going to go away quietly from this issue.

South Shore veterans are served by the Halifax district office. There are other offices in Yarmouth and the Valley. Purnell says those offices too might soon be threatened with closure. By the way, its really no big surprise that a motion by opposition parties, aimed at keeping those district offices open, has failed by a vote in the House of Commons. Split firmly along party lines, 117 NDP, Liberal and Green MPs voted in favour of the motion, which would reverse the government’s decision to close the offices. 146 Conservative MPs voted "No"!