Monday, December 23, 2013

Youth With Cerebral Palsy Benefits From Sledge Hockey

The first sledge hockey event in Bridgewater is being dubbed a success. The Charlie's Pizza South Shore Mustangs hosted the event Saturday evening at the Clearwater Seafoods Arena and roughly 30 people came out to give it a try. One of those people was 10-year-old Erik Vuille of Dayspring, who was born with a type of cerebral palsy. Vuille says he had a blast in his first time ever on ice.

Erik's mother, Olivia, is hoping to make sledge hockey a regular activity in hopes of giving her son and other kids with disabilities an opportunity to be physically active. Erik Vuille lives with spastic diaplegia, which limits the use of his lower body and forces him to use walking sticks. His mother plans to ask for support from her son's school, Centre scolaire de la Rive-Sud in Cookville, to bring the activity back to Bridgewater.