Thursday, November 28, 2013

UPDATED: Liverpool High School Under "Hold & Secure"

Liverpool Regional High School in Queens County is under a "hold & secure" procedure due to "potential issue". That means no one is allowed to enter or leave the school. Communications Manager for the South Shore Regional School Board, Trish Smith says the move is precautionary. RCMP are involved. This is all the information we have and will update when we have more to report.

Update 1:15pm: Liverpool High School will remain in hold and secure until dismissal. The school has been working with the RCMP on a potential threat. All are safe.

Update 1:25pm: RCMP in Queens County looking for a person of interest in relation to hold and secure at Liverpool Regional High School.

Update 1:32pm: RCMP were called to investigate a possible weapons threat at the school - which led to the hold and secure. They are following up to find out if the threat is legit. Students safe, classes continue as normal.

Update 1:44pm: South Shore Regional School Board says students will be dismissed at regular time, RCMP will be on site when students get on their buses.

Update 1:50pm: School board says a memo will be sent home to parent letting them know what took place at the school and the reason for the "hold and secure". Students being dismissed and are being transported home.