Monday, August 12, 2013

Possible Election Call Coming: McNeil & Baillie On South Shore Issues

There could be a provincial election call later this week. Everyone in political circles is talking about the strong possibility Premier Darrell Dexter will visit the lieutenant-governor either Friday night or Saturday and ask that the legislature be dissolved and an election date set. Liberal leader Stephen McNeil says everyone has been in over-drive for months, expecting an election call and this could finally be it. McNeil tells CKBW and Hank-FM News, South Shore Liberal candidates are set to "officially" hit the bricks.

Meanwhile, PC Leader Jamie Baillie tells us, the South Shore will be a key area in the campaign and maybe even a political battle-ground.

The opposition parties and political pundits are saying September 17th will likely be the date for the election.
The NDP government is into its 5th year in office. It has to go to the polls before next June 9th.

Now, information on who's running and in which South Shore ridings in the election campaign:
All NDP Members of the Legislature on the South Shore are re-offering in the next election, with the exception of one. Vicki Conrad announced several months ago, she will not run again. Shelburne MLA and Fisheries Minister Sterling Belliveau will offer his name for election in the newly created Queens-Shelburne.
Elsewhere, Denise Peterson-Rafuse is re-offering in Chester-St. Margarets,  Pam Birdsall hopes for re-election in Lunenburg, Gary Ramey is hoping to be returned in Lunenburg West. The NDP is yet to choose its candidates for Argyle-Barrington and Yarmouth.
The Progressive Conservatives have a full slate of candidates in the South Shore ridings. They include Janet Irwin in Chester-St. Margarets, Brian Pickings in Lunenburg, David Mitchell in Lunenburg-West. Bruce Inglis will carry the tory flag in Queens-Shelburne and veteran PC Chris d'Entremont will be re-offering in Argyle-Barrington. John Cunningham is running in the Yarmouth riding.
The Liberals have all their candidates in place along the South Shore. Seeking election for the Liberals in Chester-St.Margarets is Tim Harris. Suzanne Lohnes-Croft is the Liberal standard-bearer in Lunenburg. Its Mark Furey in Lunenburg West, Benson Frail in Shelburne-Queens, Kent Blades in Argyle-Barrington and incumbent Zach Churchill in Yarmouth.