Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Belliveau Selected As NDP Candidate In Queens-Shelburne

Fisheries and Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau will be the NDP candidate in Queens-Shelburne for the next provincial election.  He was chosen at a nominating meeting last night in Liverpool.  Belliveau says he's inheriting a legacy of community service by retiring MLA Vicki Conrad.

Belliveau was unopposed for the nomination.  He says some of the issues in the riding in the upcoming election campaign will include jobs, aquaculture, health care and seniors programs. Belliveau also says he's proud to have helped the area re-group after the closure of Bowater.  As a result of electoral boundary changes, his present riding of Shelburne has been split in two parts, Queens-Shelburne (in which he will be running) and Argyle-Barrington.