Monday, July 29, 2013

Liberal Leader Accuses Dexter Government Of Downplaying Importance of 103 Twinning

Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil suggests the Dexter government doesn't consider twinning the 103 from exit 5 to 13 a priority.  He says its even removed the roadway from the 5 year provincial highway improvement plan.  McNeil questions suggestions from local NDP MLA's Pam Birdsall and Gary Ramey for motorists to stick to the speed limit and pull over to use their cell phones to make the highway safer. McNeil says that is not the end of it.

The Liberal leader says his party applauded the government a few years ago for establishing the 5 year plan. However, McNeil says to remove the 103 from the list now is disappointing and troubling!  He believes its a move by the Dexter government to downplay a potential "hot" election issue.