Thursday, April 25, 2013

Town, Cafe Group To Try And Negotiate Library Space Lease

A member of Cafe 12 says the group is excited to move ahead with the town to discuss the future space of the current library building in Bridgewater. Council voted 4-3 in favour of opening negotiations for the property at 547 King Street. Two councillors along with the town's CAO will now meet with the group members to see if the two sides can reach common ground on a lease agreement. Cafe 12 team member Rachel Edmonds says they want to remain open with the town.

The two sides are expected to meet a few times over the next few weeks. More information is expected to come to council by the end of May. Meanwhile, the president of the other group hoping to access the future library space says he's okay with the decision made by council. However, John Swain of Swain and Associates says he hopes the town doesn't give special amenities to the non-profit group.

Swain says they hope to find another available space in the near future. The building could still be sold on the market if the town and Cafe 12 can't reach common ground on a lease agreement.