Thursday, October 11, 2012

VIDEO: School Board Candidates Forum In Queens

Queens County school board candidates voiced their opinions on several issues during a candidates forum Wednesday night at Liverpool High School. Four of the five candidates showed up to meet members of the public while Butch MacLeod was unavailable due to illness. The role of the school board, school review and school start times were some of the topics being talked about. Elliott Payzant says schools could open later.

Another candidate, Allan Foster, agrees.

The four candidates were also greeted with questions about representing the county, the idea of school board being televised and thoughts on in-camera sessions. Karen Ohrt says she wouldn't have a problem with meetings being video-taped or streamed online.

Another candidate, Courtney Wentzell, agrees.

Roughly 20 people showed up to hear what the candidates had to say. School board elections will be held October 20.