Thursday, April 26, 2012

MODL to Meet with Education Minister Over School Takeover

The Municipality of Lunenburg is getting their day with the Education Minister. Mayor Don Downe confirms a meeting has been scheduled with Ramona Jennex over the Centre Consolidated takeover. Downe sent a letter to the province in March, trying to find a better solution than the municipality taking over the closed school. He says they have already inherited the Blockhouse School and Riverport Community School and can't afford to take over the facility. Downe says the province needs to step up.
"There's an obligation they have in regards to saying they have used our facility, they've had them for 20 years and done nothing more than give them back in a worse condition than we received, plus they never dealt with some of these other issues we've dealt with all along, so its a huge liability."
Downe says he plans to tell the minister the downloading of schools is causing huge financial pressure on council and its residents. The meeting will be held May 22.