Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridgewater Councillors Discuss 2012-13 Proposed Budget

It could be a sign of things to come in Bridgewater. Town councillors went over the proposed 2012-13 budget during their meeting Monday night. The figures indicate an operating budget of almost $19.3-million, an increase of over $850,000 from 2011-12. The capital budget would be $2.6-million with the tax rate holding steady at 1.669 per hundred of assessment. Mayor Carroll Publicover says he is pleased with how it looks so far.
"I think its a responsible budget. It doesn't call for a tax increase in either commercial or residential. Fortunately, we did receive some increased revenue from our increased assessment and we will use that wisely and in mostly areas for capital."
Council will hold three more budget meetings with the next one scheduled for April 30 at 6pm. Other meetings will be held May 7 at 6pm and the final debate is scheduled for May 14 at 7pm.