Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Postal Review Details

All rural mailboxes in Lunenburg county are being assessed to see if they are in a safe place. Canada Post spokesperson Genevieve Latour says the company is obliged by law to review 800-thousand mailboxes Canada-wide because of employee safety concerns. The review will take until the fall. She says a team will evaluate each mailbox and will let the homeowners know what they've found. She says the process involves speaking with people and letting them know what's taking place. And Latour adds this isn't just happening in our area, rather it's a county-wide review that was ordered after workers' complaints. Latour says there is absolutely no plan to get rid of rural mailboxes in Canada adding this inspection issue is about occupational health and safety. You'll be able to hear more about this review coming up this weekend on South Shore Sunday Morning.