Friday, July 3, 2009

Health Workers

Two former recipients of the South Shore Health Bursary Program ,one RN and one LPN, have completed their return-for service agreements and are now working for South Shore Health. The program was established in 2006 and has provided funding to students from Lunenburg and Queens Counties who are interested in pursuing a career. The Bursary Program is funded by the Health Services Foundation and the Queens General Foundation and last year receivedadditional funding from the Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital Auxiliary. Successful recipients are required to enter into a return-for-service agreement with the District equal to the number of years supported by the program. This year, there are 6 recipients graduating from their chosen field of study: 4 RN's; 1 Medical Laboratory Technologist; and 1 Medical Radiology Technologist. Five of the recipients have or will begin their return-for service agreement over the next several months. The District is currently supporting 3 RN's and 1 Physician and hope to support an additional 5 students in 2009-2010.