Wednesday, April 29, 2009

United Winner

2009-04-29 10:30:23

unitedwaypresentationthumb.jpgPictured from left. Clare Leblanc –Northcott (UW Canada), Mark Winfield (UW Lunenburg), Michael Graves (UW Lunenburg), Helen Himmelman (UW Lunenburg) 

A local Bridgewater businessman has won a national award from the United Way of Canada.. Mark Winfield, Chair of the  Board of United Way of Lunenburg County is the recipient of  the prestigious Chair's Award of Distinction.
The  award recognizes the critical role that volunteers play with their sustained dedication to their communities and the United Way Movement .  Since it's inception in 2003, the United Way of Lunenburg County has invested over 300,thousand dollars  in over 60 Lunenburg County based organizations and projects. Winfield says if every single working person in Lunenburg County invested 1 dollar per week they would have $1.1 million dollars each and every year to invest in programs that will make a measurable difference to Lunenburg County residents"